McGill scientists obtain offer to enhance surgery engineering

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Researchers at McGill happen to be granted a federal grant to be able to finally enhance technologies used during operation.
A few of the initiations are in the MUHC’s Glen site – a high tech dummy that will mimic various medical scenarios and a 3D printer used to recreate anatomically correct body parts on display in a particular operating room.
“One of the targets that we are attempting to do here would be to make stuff, by combining substances at different temperatures and differing ways and fibres, to try and recreate the human scenario so we’ve tissue fidelity,” said Dr. Kevin Lachapelle, vice chair of surgery at McGill.
McGill is the primary Canadian university to come up with an application which brings students together from various subjects – pupils in science, engineering and business and surgical trainees take part in creating the technology that is newest.
Those pupils form multidisciplinary teams which work in the hospital to deal with initiation needs.
When they are developing a brand new technology they’re able to already answer the questions, ‘Who wants this? Why do they want it? Just how a lot of people want it? When do they want it?’
The expectation is the new technologies will help to make operation safer, more affordable and better for patients.

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