When the male sovereignty weakens

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Männer, you are not alone. This is the most important statement of the 45-minute NDR documentary “Nightmare Impotence – The Fear of Men” (by Alexander Czogalla ) broadcast on Monday evening. Of course it is hard in our sexual performance club full of hard guys to be a so-called “Schlappschwanz”. But it is much easier to train his biceps or his six pack than his most sensitive body part.

And that is exactly the point. Men are afraid to talk about a disturbed potency, they may not even stand for themselves. If you do not have a relationship, you can hide that well. But one of the protagonists of the documentary, the 46-year-old Oberkommissar Andreas N., wants to finally have a partner again. And sex. Good sex. Proper sex.
“You only feel half a man,” says N., admitting that he has been suffering from potency problems for 20 years .

“You’re a man, but there’s something missing.” He goes to the gym, has a hard job, but there’s a lull in his bed. Visually, he is a tougher guy, inwardly he longs for feelings, romance, security, falling-abilities. But how is this to happen if he has never overcome a painful separation?

The fact that men are reluctant to talk about emotions and make separations with themselves, instead of analyzing everything meticulously and haarklein, can be fatal. N. caught his girlfriend with another man in bed-their common bed-and as if that were not tragic enough, accused him of the unfaithful partner, “he will not bring it.”
A deep pain, which has made itself distinctly noticeable. He used to have an erection every morning, now only twice a week. N. wants to do something. Finally, after two decades of silence.

Professor Frank Sommer is working in the Department of Men’s Health at the Hamburg University Hospital Eppendorf. “20 percent of all men suffer from erectile dysfunction. You have to let that melt on your tongue, “he says with a smile. Of course it is not funny. For in our society it is becoming more and more, by overweight for example, because there suffer the vessels in the penis.

What is exciting, however, is neradin erfahrung that could save many men: “The man has an early warning system”, says Sommer. A flaccid penis and a manifestly disturbed vascular function in the penis – the most sensitive nerves in the male body – may be indications of something else: heart disease, stroke and blindness can be the result if man ignores it and keeps silent.

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