Drink wine which has already been open for days? You must be joking!

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It was pretty surprising to read that the average British household throws away two glasses of wine a week. Wine professionals aside (we throw away even more wine than we drink, which is a lot), most people I know would rather auction their children than discard so much as a millilitre of booze.

Britons keep wine in their fridges and cupboards long beyond the point at which it has gone vinegary, vainly willing every drop to survive until they have a chance to finish it, then ploughing through the glass regardless of how bad it tastes. I have seen people unable to stop themselves visibly wincing as they watch me merrily chuck another few glasses and bottles of substandard plonk down the sink so I can open something better.

Yet according to Laithwaite’s, the wine merchant, our free and easy habit with the plughole means we waste 624 million bottles of wine a year because we throw it out too…

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