Choosing an Interior Designer in Kuala Lumpur

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There are plenty of choices in the search in search of an interior designing firm within Kuala Lumpur. There are plenty of choices, from AJM Interiors, Blaine Robert Design and Lifestyle, to TKS Interior Design. Which do you think is best? Which one is best? These are tips that will allow you to choose the best interior designer for your space. Continue reading to find out more. It’s a fact that you’ll be investing your hard-earned cash in an all-new home!

AJM Interiors

AJM Interiors, a Malaysian business offering design services, is located in Malaysia. The team of the interior design firm is composed of experienced designers and architects from various nations. The group focuses on the fundamentals and determines the most important needs of clients. The firm builds solid relationships with all stakeholders to design an individual design strategy. Interior design is a key component of the company is involved with a variety of KL projects.

AJM Interiors is one of the most trusted Interior design firms located in Malaysia. It has more than 20 years of experience and a wide collection of projects. Customers have enjoyed their innovative designs as well as superior planning skills. They provide extensive consulting and service management for projects. These include selection of contractors and oversight of projects. AJM Interiors is a local company operating within KL since the year 2000. The company has completed numerous successfully-constructed projects. The firm also provides design, space planning, and design consultancy services.

AJM Interiors, a KL-based firm that specializes in residential and commercial projects. Each project is completed punctually and with highest quality of work. Utilizing neutral colors and textures, the business also considers their client’s needs when creating. Each and every project is finished by their team of experts using top-quality furniture.

IQI Concept

The designers at IQI Concept are passionate about creating spaces that reflect their clients’ individual style, style and spending budget. The designers believe in the importance of creating environments that are reflective of their clients’ unique style and preferences. IQI Concept is committed to providing its clients with the finest standard of services, and takes pride in working with their clients. Find out more about how IQI Concept can help you on your next project, read on.

Although IQI Concept has a UK office, the company does not provide consultations for free to residents of other nations. Instead, users from Asia are able to upload an image as a PDF or image of the space and the business will get in touch with their representatives to discuss options. Consider using IQI Concept if you are poor at drawing or are not sure of your abilities. If you aren’t able to sketch all the detail yourself You can also rent your space to local businesses.

Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle

BRD Interior Design is a small business which specializes in the design of interiors. BRD’s aim is to build elegant spaces that are affordable. The team is highly skilled and takes pleasure in their designs and strives to establish relationships with their clients. The company specializes in commercial and residential Interior design and design. To learn more regarding Blaine Robert Design, read the article. Below are a few of some our favourite work.

Blaine Robert is an interior designer that has worked in this industry for over a decade. In this interview, he shares his insights and gives an insider’s perspective on Malaysian lifestyle. Its growing demand for luxury homes and offices have assisted in the development of this business. Blaine Robert gives his insight into his method and how his design work can offer the people around you. It is possible to learn more about this interior designer in Kuwait by visiting Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle.

Blaine’s portfolio includes a stunning variety of interior design projects that range from corporate offices to private residences. His years of experience allows him to seamlessly piece an idea together, but still maintaining practicality and purpose. When the client is happy with the style, Blaine can put his trademark on the project and begin the process of renovation. Clients can expect to benefit of his meticulous focus on detail, since Blaine ensures that every room is functionally unique and stunning.

TKS Interior Design

It is located situated on Crescent Blvd. TKS Interior Design, located close to east Main St. in downtown Glen Ellyn is an interior design and build firm. TKS Interior Design’s highly skilled architects can assist you with all aspects in design, construction as well as installation. The new house you build will be distinctive and welcoming. TKS Interior Design’s team will aid you in building the home you’ve always wanted. TKS Interior Design is here to assist, regardless if you’re a new homeowner or an experienced interior designer.


If you’re in search of a design firm that caters to both private and commercial property developer within Kuala Lumpur, look no further than InterSpatial Interior Designers. under the supervision of director, Sam Lui, InterSpatial designs spaces that are stylish and practical, and their attention to detail and dedication to their clients goals is unmatched. From budgeting to project management, they ensure a smooth completion of every single project.


The founder of LAMBERTINTERIOR DESIGN Klang was Lisa Lambert, an Associate Professor of Architecture and chair of the Interior Architecture program of the California College of the Arts. as a guest critic at UC Berkeley, she has had fellowships as an interior design fellow at the INCITE Research Institute and Royal College of Art. Lambert is also as a member of the Board of Trustees of Theatre Artaud and San Francisco Art Institute. Furthermore, she’s had leadership roles for the professional development division within the Interior Design Association (IIDA).

Lambert Interior Design KL offers several services that work well for people who are busy and want top-quality design but do not have time to a task like this. The firm offers a complete solution for your demands in the field of interior design. This comprises design consultations, furniture design, and home decor. They also provide consulting services for interior design and space planning, both for residential and commercial projects. Their primary focus is to bring joy to their customers therefore they’re best for people with busy schedules and in search of unique design ideas.

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